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Steve is a pastor and teacher with a mission: to bring healing to men who are broken - suffering from the pain of the "Father Fracture," men trapped in a cycle of anger, insecurity, and hopelessness.  Drawing from his own experiences as a US Army Captain and minister of God’s word, Steve offers a unique perspective on transformation.  Steve has been teaching and ministering for over 25 years and has dedicated his life to equipping men with precise tools and strategic plans necessary to break free from the bondage of darkness, emerging as powerful and strategic leaders in the Kingdom of God.  Because of his own life experie, Steve is passionate about seeing men free by helping them dismantle the lies of the enemy and challenge limiting destructive beliefs.   

Steve pastors The Gathering Place in Tiverton RI along with his wife Sandra, where they have made it their life mission to teach others the same principles that have helped change their lives. As a father to five children and six grandchildren, Steve understands the importance of leaving a good foundation and legacy for the next generation to build on. He understands the fundamental principles of the Kingdom of God and how to operate in them. Steve holds a master's degree in biblical studies from Charis Bible College. His experience as a former US Army captain and Air Force intelligence analyst gives him understanding and expertise in the areas of leadership, discipline, and taking command to produce the desired outcome.


Steve's greatest revelation is in the Principle of Unity with God. He’s authored the book, the power at your command, and has taught these principles to pastors internationally. He’ll take you from brokenness to wholeness as he unpacks these truths in his life-changing course, Healing the Father Fracture.

To book a speaking engagement, call 401-816-4221 or email us.  

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